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Uninstaller for any Nero family product


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One of the most common problems that Nero product users come across happens the moment they uninstall certain apps from this developer.

Eliminating the Nero suite becomes impossible since you can’t do it from the Install/Uninstall Programs function in the control panel, nor by using the uninstaller provided by the program.

If during the uninstall process of a Nero product you get an error that ends the uninstallation process without removing the app from your device, Nero General Clean Tool is a tool that can actually delete it.

The same way that Norton Removal Tool uninstalls any Norton App, Nero General Clean Tool does the same, but with Nero applications.

It has two delete options: manually, in which you must look for the files to delete and thus carefully select them accordingly, and the complete option, which cleans your device free of them all.